ICT Owner Bridget Arend kicks off the 2023 Teaching Professor Conference

Bridget Arend, owner of Intentional College Teaching, will be the opening plenary speaker at The Teaching Professor conference in New Orleans in June! The plenary session, Intentional Teaching: 5 Strategies to Refocus on What Matters Most, will tap into ideas from ICT courses, especially concerning course design for significant learning and teaching metacognitive and reflectiveContinue reading “ICT Owner Bridget Arend kicks off the 2023 Teaching Professor Conference”

2021 Highlights

As the year draws to a close, we reflect on some of our proudest accomplishments. From developing new courses, working with colleagues across the globe, promoting scholarship about teaching and learning, and most importantly, getting to see first-hand when faculty experience transformational thinking about their teaching, we can’t wait to see what next year willContinue reading “2021 Highlights”

Metacognitive Equity

In a recent essay, Dr. Saundra McGuire unveils a new term to consider in our quest for educational equity: metacognitive equity. Dr. McGuire argues that although we commonly use the term educational equity when referring to our goals for closing the achievement gap between groups of students, she has coined this parallel term to describeContinue reading “Metacognitive Equity”

Equity-Based Teaching Practices We Can Adopt Immediately

The past few years have highlighted an indisputable need to address equity more intentionally in our courses. And yet, pandemic-related changes have pulled educators in many new directions and left us tired and wary of taking on new or unfamiliar practices. Fortunately, there are teaching strategies that support inclusive practices without involving a big timeContinue reading “Equity-Based Teaching Practices We Can Adopt Immediately”