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Intentional College Teaching provides higher education faculty with professional development courses that enhance their teaching practice. Our two-week online courses are designed, authored and facilitated by leading scholars in the field. Faculty participants receive personalized feedback, discuss and share ideas with like-minded colleagues, and leave each course with tangible products they can implement in their teaching practice immediately.

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Facilitated Two-Week Online Courses

Designed by Best-Selling Authors

We are the only authorized provider for courses developed by these leading authors based on their best-selling books.

Significant Learning by Design

Do you want courses that result in significant, engaged, and lasting student learning? Learn how to use the Taxonomy of Significant Learning and Integrated Course Design model developed by Dr. L. Dee Fink, shown to lead to greater student engagement and improved student learning. In this course, articulate your vision for significant learning and develop a course plan to achieve these goals.

Teach Students How to Learn

Are you frustrated and discouraged by students in your courses who seem unmotivated, disengaged and unprepared to learn in your course and in college? Learn how to change the paradigm and help students not only survive in your course and college, but thrive! In this course, you will learn proven methods developed by Dr. Saundra McGuire, and develop, practice and receive feedback on strategies that you can use immediately.

Let our expert facilitators guide you through proven approaches to enhance student learning.

Our courses help educators develop intentional teaching plans that can provide a strong sense of purpose and clarity through unexpected changes. 

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Our courses provide:

Proven approaches for course design and student learning – Based on the expertise of best-selling authors in the field, you will learn their proven strategies first hand. 

Tangible outcomes – Our courses go beyond just learning about ideas and concepts to actually walking you through the design and implementation of evidence-based teaching approaches.

Immediate application – Through structured steps and activities, you leave each course with practical plans, lessons, and approaches ready to use with your students in your courses.

Personalized feedback – All participants receive individual feedback every step of the way  from expert facilitators as well as fellow faculty members.

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