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Strategies for Encouraging Self-Directed Learning

Today’s college graduates must be able to think critically and creatively, and be able to communicate and collaborate effectively. Twenty-first century teaching and learning must be focused on more than knowledge acquisition. It must also involve a process that empowers students to self assess and take responsibility for their own learning. Yet most students areContinue reading “Strategies for Encouraging Self-Directed Learning”

The Caring Category in Fink’s Taxonomy: How Do We Support and Assess Caring?

Dee Fink’s Taxonomy of Significant Learning has led thousands of college instructors to reimagine their courses and articulate what they truly hope for their students. This taxonomy goes beyond the well-known Bloom’s Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain, and empowers instructors to include meaningful and desired goals — goals such as wanting their students to valueContinue reading “The Caring Category in Fink’s Taxonomy: How Do We Support and Assess Caring?”

Easy Icebreakers for synchronous online class sessions

Building community is essential in online and virtual spaces. Studies of asynchronous online learning based on the Community of Inquiry (COI) framework have long shown the need for social presence in creating productive learning environments. Yet creating and maintaining social presence does not happen as naturally as it can in our in-person class settings, whereContinue reading “Easy Icebreakers for synchronous online class sessions”


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Dedicated to sharing ideas, challenges, resources, and useful tips, this blog series will focus on strategies and inspiration for teaching intentionally amidst our busy and chaotic lives. Posts written primarily by Bridget Arend.

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