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3 Significant Benefits of Integrated Course (Re)Design

One of the best parts of teaching a course about course design is seeing faculty view prior teaching “challenges” as exciting new opportunities. In Significant Learning by Design, based on Dee Fink’s Integrated Course Design framework and the Taxonomy of Significant Learning, this happens quite frequently. Although it would be wonderful to share each andContinue reading “3 Significant Benefits of Integrated Course (Re)Design”

Learning Outcome Verb List for Fink’s Taxonomy of Significant Learning

Download our list of learning outcome verbs that align with Dee Fink’s Taxonomy of Significant Learning. A word of caution about using verbs as a magical solution.  As a study by Claudia Stanny exemplifies, an analysis of 30 widely-used compilations of verbs for Bloom’s categories revealed that many lists frequently put the same verb inContinue reading “Learning Outcome Verb List for Fink’s Taxonomy of Significant Learning”

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Benefits and Limitations

Many college educators are familiar with Bloom’s Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain. This well-known categorization of learning, developed by a team of scholars but often attributed to the first author, Benjamin Bloom, has been used by countless educators to design, structure, and assess learning. The six categories in Bloom’s Taxonomy for the Cognitive Domain  –Continue reading “Bloom’s Taxonomy: Benefits and Limitations”

Strategies for Encouraging Self-Directed Learning

Today’s college graduates must be able to think critically and creatively, and be able to communicate and collaborate effectively. Twenty-first century teaching and learning must be focused on more than knowledge acquisition. It must also involve a process that empowers students to self assess and take responsibility for their own learning. Yet most students areContinue reading “Strategies for Encouraging Self-Directed Learning”


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Dedicated to sharing ideas, challenges, resources, and useful tips, this blog series will focus on strategies and inspiration for teaching intentionally amidst our busy and chaotic lives. Posts written primarily by Bridget Arend.

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