Why ICT?

Why take courses from Intentional College Teaching?

Intentional College Teaching (ICT) provides higher education faculty and staff with professional development courses that enhance their teaching practice. Our three-week online courses are designed, authored and facilitated by leading scholars in the field. Faculty participants receive personalized feedback, discuss and share ideas with like-minded colleagues, and leave each course with tangible products they can implement in their teaching practice immediately.

We are the only authorized provider for online courses developed by leading authors based on their best-selling books.

The majority of online college faculty development courses on the market today are self-paced, without the guidance and feedback of a knowledgeable facilitator, and without the opportunity for collegial discussion.

Our Advantage

If you are looking for the flexibility that an asynchronous course format allows, you’ll see many online self-paced courses on the market. What makes our approach different?


ICT: Our courses are led by experienced facilitators who post daily announcements, provide timely feedback on every step, promote collegial dialogue, and encourage completion.


ICT: Every educator has unique contexts and situations. Through guided steps and personalized feedback, our courses allow participants to create activities and products customized to their particular situations.


ICT: Participants go through the steps of our courses as a group, providing collegial discussion and sharing of ideas and examples from multiple disciplines and perspectives, resulting in richer outcomes.


ICT: Over the last decade we have perfected a model for course delivery. Unlike many self-paced resources that are begun with good intent but never completed, our format and facilitators encourage participants to stay on track and create tangible products. Over 90% of our participants develop customized strategies to use with their students and receive a certificate of completion.

Our Approach

Instead of telling faculty what to do, we share literature and best practice and guide them through a series of steps, application activities, and reflections. We want instructors to uncover the best ways to implement and take ownership of their teaching strategies.

Using an Appreciative Inquiry approach, we tap into instructors’ inner goals and instincts, match those to proven strategies, and use feedback and questioning to develop methods that they are excited to implement because they are designed to work for their students in their contexts. 

We believe the best way to improve student learning is by helping faculty uncover their own unique best practices, grounded in empirical evidence.

Past Participants

In the last few years, faculty and staff from the following institutions have participated in ICT courses:

College teaching today exists in an environment full of the pressures of accountability, differing student needs, rapidly advancing teaching methods, and technological innovations. Our courses provide the space to be intentional about ones teaching practice.

We aim to help instructors feel confident and excited, knowing that they have developed solid plans, based on research and best practice and designed to bring about meaningful student learning.