Significant Learning by Design – II

Significant Learning by Design-II continues the application Integrated Course Design developed by L. Dee Fink. The conceptual framework for this online course is based on the second part of Fink’s book, Creating Significant Learning Experiences (Jossey-Bass, Updated Edition, 2013), and leads to greater student engagement and improved student learning.* In SLD-II we continue the design process at the modular or weekly level and build learning units that align with and support the achievement of your overall course goals, significant learning outcomes, learning assessments and activities.

  • Two weeks in length
  • Facilitated with personalized feedback at every step
  • Online, asynchronous format
  • Approximately 20-25 hours to complete
  • Small cohort size
  • Cost: $495/participant

Note: Because this workshop builds on concepts previously learned and applied, you must have already completed the Significant Learning by Design-I Online Course or a related workshop.

Intended Audience

This course is intended for those who have already taken Significant Learning by Design-I and would like to finish building out their course design. We begin with the 3-column table you created in SLD-I, and work at the weekly or unit level to develop a plan that is integrated, builds towards a culminating activity, and addresses the unique situational factors of your course.


In this two-week course you will not only read and view lessons from the author, but apply the principles and materials to a course of your own. This is a facilitated course, with multiple opportunities for interaction and individual feedback on your work from an experienced facilitator and your colleagues. The course is offered in an online asynchronous format, there are no required live, real-time web meetings. However, it is NOT self-paced. Active participation is required and specific due dates must be met. Participants can expect to spend a total of about 20-25 hours completing course activities.

Participant Outcomes

In two weeks, you will create a set of course design documents in which you:

  • Design specific learning outcomes, assessments, and learning activities at the weekly/unit level
  • Put together a “grand opening” to address your pedagogical challenge from the first day of class
  • Design a culminating learning experience for your course
  • Integrate your overall course plan through carefully constructed “learning sets”
  • Discuss issues related to teaching techniques, inclusion, accessibility and grading
  • Reflect on your own learning and develop a personal plan for continued learning
  • Receive ongoing feedback from a facilitator and colleagues at every step


Instructors who have used the principles of Integrated Course Design in the design of their own courses report greater student engagement, more long-term significant learning, and increased instructor satisfaction in teaching.

Dr. L. Dee Fink was previously teaching faculty and the founding director of the Instructional Development Program at the University of Oklahoma, Dee currently leads numerous workshops at conferences and on  campuses and serves as a consultant to faculty and institutions in higher education in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. To learn more about Dee and his work, visit:

*For a comprehensive overview of the benefits of Integrated Course Design across multiple disciplines, see New Directions in Teaching and Learning, Vol 2009, Issue 119. Designing courses for significant learning: Voices of experience. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.