3 Practical Strategies for Teaching about Mindsets

Teaching students how to learn often involves teaching about mindsets. There is substantial evidence that positive academic mindsets are strongly linked to better academic performance at all levels of schooling, not just in younger grades. Teaching students about the role of motivation, growth and fixed mindsets in their learning can be beneficial to develop theContinue reading “3 Practical Strategies for Teaching about Mindsets”

Metacognitive Equity

In a recent essay, Dr. Saundra McGuire unveils a new term to consider in our quest for educational equity: metacognitive equity. Dr. McGuire argues that although we commonly use the term educational equity when referring to our goals for closing the achievement gap between groups of students, she has coined this parallel term to describeContinue reading “Metacognitive Equity”

Strategies for Encouraging Self-Directed Learning

Today’s college graduates must be able to think critically and creatively, and be able to communicate and collaborate effectively. Twenty-first century teaching and learning must be focused on more than knowledge acquisition. It must also involve a process that empowers students to self assess and take responsibility for their own learning. Yet most students areContinue reading “Strategies for Encouraging Self-Directed Learning”