Transforming your Syllabus with an equity-mindset: Part II

In a previous post, Transforming Your Syllabus with an Equity Mindset: The Role of Policy Statements, we explored the dilemma that boilerplate policy statements can make the syllabus feel like a transactional document, yet these very policies are designed to foster inclusion and to protect our most vulnerable students. Other aspects of the syllabus canContinue reading “Transforming your Syllabus with an equity-mindset: Part II”

Grading for Equity – Book Review

Ideas for higher education from the book by Joe Feldman We want our students to grow and develop in our courses, and we especially love those occasions when our students’ overcome barriers and achieve huge leaps in learning. But is it possible that our grading practices unintentionally punish students for slow starts, disruptive events, orContinue reading “Grading for Equity – Book Review”

Metacognitive Equity

In a recent essay, Dr. Saundra McGuire unveils a new term to consider in our quest for educational equity: metacognitive equity. Dr. McGuire argues that although we commonly use the term educational equity when referring to our goals for closing the achievement gap between groups of students, she has coined this parallel term to describeContinue reading “Metacognitive Equity”

Equity-Based Teaching Practices We Can Adopt Immediately

The past few years have highlighted an indisputable need to address equity more intentionally in our courses. And yet, pandemic-related changes have pulled educators in many new directions and left us tired and wary of taking on new or unfamiliar practices. Fortunately, there are teaching strategies that support inclusive practices without involving a big timeContinue reading “Equity-Based Teaching Practices We Can Adopt Immediately”